SoulStirring, LLC is a nationally recognized consulting firm focused on research, strategy development, communications and marketing. We provide clients with the data-driven insights, knowledge, expertise and innovation they need to excel in persuasive message delivery across multiple platforms. Through our visionary leadership and passion for success, we counsel and coach organizations in order to jump-start or hone their approaches, planning and execution. SoulStirring starts with a clear understanding of each client’s needs and goals and then designs the tactics that promote positive change and help clients achieve their missions.





  • Jewel C. Love
  • President/CEO

As Founder and President of SoulStirring, LLC, Jewel C. Love serves as the chief designer and lead project manager, providing visionary, solutions-driven and cost-effective management and strategies for her clients. She is a research, marketing and communications professional with more than two decades of broad experience across the public and private sectors.

Ms. Love specializes in designing and implementing national, market-driven campaigns; constructing and managing place-based and social marketing initiatives; and analyzing and transferring data for decision making. She also creates culturally-sensitive communications; fosters consumer and community advocacy efforts; and develops and executes community engagement techniques. Ms. Love has an expertise in working with multi-ethnic populations, marginalized groups and gender identity-based audiences. Her work has been applied in more than 25 urban, suburban and rural markets throughout the U.S.